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    Unlike regular freezer which keeps the foods 25 to 10 degree Fahrenheit, a Deep freezer utilizes much lower temperature, in the commercial units it is usually always below zero Fahrenheit. A deep freezer utilizes such lower temperature to freeze the foods within few minutes to reduce the damaged on the products caused by the ice crystal forming and preserve all the available nutrient element of the product for a longer time. The freezer which comes included in the regular refrigerator secures food for a short amount of time while a deep freezer which is a standalone product keep the food fresh for several longer time than that. If you have made your mind to purchase a deep freezer then Restrokart is the place for you. Official site : http://www.restrokart.com /product-category/refrigeration/ Get More information : ( 91) 95010-30167 Owner and It located at Ludhiana

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