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    Check Out My New Website Capt. Arun S. Yagnick - Master Mariner A Tutor is the one, who can inject knowledge into the bloodstream, of a candidate. He is a dedicated person, available to clear all the doubts of a candidate, 24x7 A confident leader, self- made and easily communicable, with a knowledge of vast references and life time worldly observations. Very observative and can read the face of his student. In short, he should be born with these qualities. Given any subject to teach, and the trainer moulds it in such a way, that the candidate gets inquisitive to learn more, is not scared of clearing his doubts, as the teacher believes in "If there is a doubt, THERE IS A DOUBT" and seek assistance. There is no such term known as a 'STUPID QUESTION' to him, because he knows, IDEAS get birth from stupid questions, only. Clearing the "WHYs" in a satisfactory way, generates inquisitiveness in a candidate who finally develops tremendous regard for the tutor. Students in general become lethargic, because they are unable to figure out Why they must study a particular subject and where it is applicable. They are unable to read between the lines and draw the exact meaning of the subject matter. This makes them pull back, themselves and forget about the career ahead. It is a perfect tutor who can bring them back to track and make them fulfil their dreams. Several persons are into the profession of teaching. Some are possessing Master of Education, Training of Trainer and Assessors and Train the trainer/teacher/instructor certificate. But they are limited to the subject matter to be covered within a fixed time duration. They are not worried whether the student has understood them or not, so they leave the rest on students to study on their own. This places extra burden on the student, who in return, stops taking interest in the subject, probably fails during assessment. Is it the fault of the student? In the marine field, I have observed several candidates give up at 2nd Mates' level, Dredge Mate level or VTS operator level. They are so demotivated that despite guiding them, they do not wish to progress in studies further. Some of them have developed mental disabilities too. WHY? I am proudly saying that I am a born teacher. I had never thought of teaching but had vast knowledge of petty observations too, at sea, could read the minds and faces of my staff on board and a good reader having vast knowledge of references. As a matter of hobby, I used to take classes of my staff about safe working and carrying out risk analysis, thereby risk management. If a Foreign going candidate, NCV candidate, Dredge knowledge candidate and VTS candidate fears passing theoretical or oral examinations, can approach me to clear it off, in the first attempt and develop high level of motivation. Contact me at: +91 9726007698 ALL PORTS MAY NOTE THAT OPERATION OF A VTS IS UNSAFE BY UNTRAINED OPERATORS. IALA RECOMMENDED V103 MODEL COURSES ARE NOT MANDATORY BUT RECOMMENDATION ONLY. HENCE YOU ARE GETTING A GOOD CHANCE TO GET YOUR OPERATORS TRAINED AT A VERY LOW COST TO CUT DOWN THE LEVEL OF RISK TO ZERO. PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY. GO TO MY WEBSITE Q304 AAROHI CREST GALA GYMKHANA ROAD SOUTH BOPAL, AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, PIN: 380058, INDIA +91 97260 07698 +91 97123 44009 +91 79 27174 04009 https://www.nauticalfaculty.com


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